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About Precious Oils

Precious Oils was established on May 1, 1991 by Apothecary Cynthia Hillson. Over the last 25+ years, our essential oils and synergistic essential oil blends have been used around the world.

Precious Oils began from our love of herbs, flowers and spices while pregnant with my fifth child. I sold my fragrant creations of potpourri's, tussie mussies, herbal infused vinegars and oils and our culinary spice and salad dressing mixes at a local our Farmer's Market.

Precious Oils shares the view with many accredited aroma therapists and aromatherapy organizations throughout the world.
We do not believe that the use of essential oils is the only modality to healing; it’s not. Essential Oil Therapy is a complimentary and pleasant aide to one's health just as good diet, fresh air and exercise, laughter, spiritual reading and practices, sleep, herbal teas and tinctures and every other natural modality of healing that we have available today. Please use wisdom and enjoy precious, essential oils for your own health and pleasure and don't buy into the hype that so many are these days that they are a panacea. Don't get me wrong I've used essential oils since 1989 and wouldn't ever think of not having them in my home, but they aren't everything.

We strongly believe that anyone can be allergic to anything, at any time. With that thought we do not support a current trend of using essential oils in an unsafe environment such as treatments called "rain-drop" or "aroma-touch". Aromatherapy is an unregulated industry. Anyone who advises you to use essential oils undiluted on the skin is giving medical advice and puts you in danger as essential oils are a very highly concentrated substance that can cause derma, and other damages to your health.

One word of caution is for us to remember this  . . . often "less is more" when using essential oils.  Blend in 1 to 3% dilution in carrier oil before applying to skin. Inhale using a diffuser; it only takes two or three drops to add health benefits to your room. You can add essential oils to a bath by mixing 5 drops in 1/2 to 1 cup salt, milk or cream. Blend well before adding to a bath, relax and enjoy. Our Aroma Bottles are one way to enjoy  a few drops of essential oils and keep them handy to inhale when stressed or need a bit of refreshment.

Essential oil therapy is pleasurable, aromatic, relaxing, energizing and an over-all enjoyable modality of healing. With wisdom let's keep it that way and employ the safe and efficient ways of using pure therapeutic essential oils.


Apothecary Cynthia Hillson

You are free to contact me at  with any comments, questions or concerns. 








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