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Aroma Bottle History 

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Perfume and incense made from aromatic plants (fruits, flowers, herbs, seeds, trees, spices and resins) can be traced nearly from the beginning of time. The fragrant plants were used by kings and priests who used them spiritually during prayer and worship, while others used the plants during sacrifices, and to embalm the dead.

Herbs and spices were used for medicinal purposes and brought refreshment when Kings and Queens went out in public during a time when opens sewers were found in the streets.

In addition, fragrance was simply for the pleasure of the aroma to individuals, or as an aphrodisiac or a perfume when one was preparing to be alone with their beloved.

Historically we find that the containers that held the fragrant substance were made from alabaster, stone, earthenware, metal, linen and glass. The vessels were fashioned to the era of time when the fragrant plants were used, and to the status of the one who would wear them. Perhaps it was only those of royalty could afford the hand-carved alabaster or special glass vials, while those who lived a Cinderella life could only gather their spices and herbs and tie into a bundle of linen and wear around their necks, perhaps these were the first sachets?

In the Bible we find in Song of Songs 1:13

A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me;
he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts.

Aroma bottles fashioned of glass began in the days when dainty bottles carried a small amount of fragrance. It's important to remember that perfumes weren't worn as we do, the precious ointments were only used for special occasions such as a young woman's wedding.

With the advent of carrying small bottles of fragrance, many would flaunt their regal importance with gem adorned containers. The small and decorative containers of personal scent allowed a lady to refresh her perfume if she happened upon a gentleman who she desired to please.

When corsets were in fashion, these small vials could also be used to carry smelling salts or vinegar's, as the tight-lacing sometimes brought on spells of dizziness.

Perfume bottle pendants were primarily worn as necklaces but it was also fashionable to wear them hanging from a pin on your clothing or as part of a chatelaine. Herbs and resins were also carried in a pouch that was worn around the neck to combat insects, bring refreshment during travel and as one needed (desired).

Today we can wear our favorite essential oil, or natural perfumes, in Aroma Bottles sharing in the ancient personal aroma experience and using them as we have need of today.

Your Aroma Bottle is great for travel, especially air, when you would like to inhale a fresh aroma, instead of the recycled cabin air. 

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